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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Victor Hugo once wrote, “No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has
come.” In the 21st Century however, it appears there are more than one idea whose time may be already much overdue; Indo -Pak normalcy is one of them.

As the diplomats from both sides wearing smiles of hope shuffle to cross the barbed wires more frequently these days, I came across a six liner poem written in Gurmukhi script by a son of Punjabi Language, Subhash Kla-kaar. The poem is  posted on the face book by the courtesy of Harpreet Sffi. Since I myself would not have been able to write a better poem than this one on this Valentine’s Day, I could not think of a more appropriate gift for my people on both sides of the border  than to share this poem on my Blog.

While I cannot thank the poet Subhash enough for writing this piece from the bottom of his heart and Harpreet for posting it on his wall. For the benefit of non-Gurmukhi readers however, I have converted this poem to Roman script.  Also and have taken the liberty to add a two liner of my own. Judging from the positive Facebook response so far where many friends have already liked it, I hope my blog readers will like it too. As always I look forward to having your thoughts !


Jhootth Smein da Sup di Tedhi Tor Jiha
Aapna Such Hei Pailaan Paunde More Jiha
Kaash! Ke Tu-N Vi Vekhe-N Sada Ludhiana
Kaask! Ke Mein Vi Vekha-N Shehr Lhor Jiha
Too-N Chahein Znjeer Bnaa Vi Skde Haa-n
Hale Sada Rishta Kuchhi Dore Jiha
Phir Krma-n Nu Saseay Betthi Jhoorengi,
Lut gia jay suteaan Shehr Bhambore Jiha!
-Pashaura S Dhillon

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