STOP!!! You Are A Jatt; You Rock Brother. DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE!

courtesy: Kamaljit's photo

“Hum Bahut Mehnat Karenge, Aap Haunsla Rakhen. . . . . If The Good Old Days Have Gone, These Bad Times Will Surely Pass Too. . . Aap Suicide Mat Karen. . .Please. . We Beg Of You. . Aap Suicide Mat Karen.”

“We need you, your nation needs you and your country needs you! Do it for the sake of your wonderful family who loves you. We are the family. Don’t leave us. Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t hurt your family, your aging parents, your growing sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. Don’t hurt us. Your nation and your country need you. They want you. We beg of you, don’t leave us like this. If no one else cares, we care about you. Are you listening! We are your family. We have always given our all for you and cared about you. We will work harder. Promise . . . we will act more wisely!”

“Man! We were not born yesterday. Remember we are together for the past 5000 years since you FIRST brought the land of the five rivers under the plough. We taught the world how to do it. How to feed their families, their nations and countries forever. We built the Indus Valley Civilization together. We made the back bone and still remain the backbone of our nation, our country since. We became the envy of the world. Together we did it before. We can do it again. Take heart. O’ please . . . . . . .Please. . . take heart and don’t do it. STOP!”

“This is not the first time brother. It has happened to us before. Remember the early 20th century. The small farmer was deliberately being sniffed out by the British policy makers. They needed money for fighting their wars. They needed money and blood from you. They excessively increased the land taxes and changed the payment method from kind to cash. By doing this they thought you, the small land holder will abandon farming and there will be plenty young recruits kicked out of farming that could beef up their army to fight their wars. Being at the back of the sharking moneylender and the greedy feudal lords, they thought they will take over your fertile land. That will make management and land tax collection simpler and easier for them. That was the conspiracy. That was the their plan!”

“The British were attempting to introduce a similar process in Punjab to grab your fertile land as was done under the Enclosure Movement in the 18th and 19th century England but in a different form.”

“Enclosure Movement was the process that was used to end traditional rights in England and has historically been accompanied by force, resistance, and bloodshed. It has been referred to as “among the most controversial areas of agricultural and economic history in England”. Some claim this was the end of the family farm in England and beginning of commercial farming.”

“But the reverse happened in Punjab. They succeeded to win some battles in making the life miserable for small farmer. Few farmers did leave to find a better life elsewhere. But you stayed put. You did not let them win the war. You organized agitations and raised protests in Punjab against this evil design. You began participating in the common agitations protesting against this anti farmer, foreign iron hand rule in Punjab. You took active part in the ‘Pagri Sambhal Jatta’ (Save the land) agitation led by Sufi Ambha Prasad and Ajit Singh, uncle of Shahid Bhagat Singh. Sir Chhotu Ram, son of a small farmer appeared on the horizon. He reversed the tide by fully exempting small holdings from the payment of land-taxes. Thus, it was after a long time in poverty and misery that the benefits of the land reforms reached the peasants.”

“The Punjab Registration of Moneylenders Act of 1938 and the Relief of Indebtedness Act XXI 1940 are the witness that gave a great relief to the peasants from the burden of debts of unscrupulous moneylenders. The family farm did not go extinct. It was saved then. The same thing could happen again today. The minds and wills are working to save you again. Miracles created by ordinary people do happen. Motherland is capable of giving birth to another Chhotu Ram. Meanwhile wipe a tear and begin organizing. Give the drug back to whoever gave this to you in the first place. Tell him stuff it. You don’t need it. Think clearly. Be patient. Educate yourself and be aware and begin organizing. Together we have done it before. We can do it again!”

In conclusion I must acknowledge how deeply I was moved when I first saw Kamaljit’s photo on his wall. The photo speaks volumes and needs no words. It tells all. But I am writing this blog to share my thoughts with my friends anyway. As usual, leave a comment on my website or face book if you please!

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