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Music Slideshow: Dheeaan – Daughters

I wrote the first version of ‘Dheeaan’ after listening to Noor Jahan’s beautiful rendition of the popular Pakistani war song “Eh Puttar Hattan te Nahi Wikde” meaning “Our sons cannot be bought in the marketplace.” But as melodic as Noor Jehan’s voice was, or how much I loved its tune, the tone and message of the song always irked me because of what was left unsaid. If sons cannot be bought at the marketplace, what is being implied about daughters?

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  1. The year that was 2012; From Malala Yousafzai to Damini to mass murders & unrelenting violence especially against women and children in places where they are most vulnerable | Pashaura Singh Dhillon - [...] I also like to leave you with a link to my Punjabi Kavita‘Dheeaan’ (Daughters)  and Kavita di Kahani, I…

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