Known for making history Will Punjab make it on March 6?

It is Election Result Time again!
I wrote a blog on January 10, 2012 under the title ‘Election 2012: Land of Milk and Honey vs. Land of Drug Rivers’ in which I tried to draw a parallel between the elections scheduled to be held in America vs. Punjab. Prior to that I wrote another blog on Aug 15, 2011, titled ’Irony of Punjabis and our 2012 Election (Part 1 & 2). I also created a video of our Radio discussion covering Manpreet Badal’s visit to Californnia in which his  Peoples Party of Punjab (PPP) was seen as a breath of fresh air. At the end of this Radio show, summing up my own feelings, I also sang a poem ‘Asin Pahruu Bne Saan. . .  ‘ as part 2. And now this! When all is said and done about the elections and the chickens have come home to roost so to speak; All eyes and ears in Punjab are set on March 6.

Historically Punjab is known to have sprung surprises and make history at critical junctures. Will Punjab make it on March 6? Hearing a deafening silence not heard of before amongst politicians, media and Pundits of sorts, in all likelihood it appears that it will. If it did then the PP (People of Punjab), the PPP and the CEOP (Chief Electoral Officer Punjab) in that order ought to be appropriately recognized and congratulated!

First the PP ie the people of Punjab for actually making it. Then the PPP for being there. And finally for stemming the tide of drug/money river however briefly, the Chief Electoral Officer Punjab (CEOP) for bearing it out and being a witness. By some accounts during the election months, the so called ‘aam admi’ in Punjab appear to have enjoyed a better law and order and quality of life under the CEOP’s brief rule than the two chief ministers of both big parties combined.  Returning to the subject: How come the politicians known for being so very outspoken are scared to death to utter a word this time? Instead of their chest beating ritual and premature victory dance so disruptively familiar on these occasions in the past, this time they are waiting for March 6 worrying over the poll outcome almost with sealed lips and by tightly holding their breath . If nothing else, this 2012 election will go down in Punjab’s history as an election to be taken as a serious business it desrves to be. No more no less!

In order to make a history in my opinion however, it is not as important how much the PPP has to gain as it has nothing to lose; whether it is the seats that it wins or the vote share that it gets. To make history one would think, it is enough for the trio to shake up the musical chairs governing Punjab since 1952 with enough vote percentage to give it a jolt making both the big parties sit up. The idea being when you could not figure out the right answer sitting down, the conventional wisdom Punjabis always admire, would be to make you sit up in the classroom untill and unless you get it right. And wouldn’t that be a step towards making a history to get it right? Right! What do you think? As always I would greately apprecite your thoughts.

For linking it with my previous blogs on the same subject check it out at : http://www.pashaurasinghdhillon.com/punjabipoetry/update-election-2012-land-of-milk-and-honey-vs-land-of-drug-rivers/


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